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Ending Poverty. Completely.

More than 896 million people are living in extreme poverty

They’re living on less than $2.00 (USD) per day.


We will not stop until 896,000,000 individuals living in poverty are no longer.

We strive to achieve this mission by empowering our donors to bring the greatest impact to those with the most need around the globe.

At hopeLOANS, we know that completely ending extreme poverty takes more than just establishing small businesses. It takes education, healthcare, clean water and sustainable agriculture.

Giving loans is a critical piece of solving the complex problems of poverty.


We believe the gift of a Hope Loan is one of the most effective and sustainable means of ending poverty. However, complete transformation takes more, so we help fund education, healthcare and clean-water projects.


28 Primary Schools Built So Far


88,139 Recipients of Medical Care


15 Clean-Water Projects Funded


We make sure all our projects meet strict guidelines to ensure the most positive impacts in our communities.


Go where you designate


Recycling repaid loans back into communities


For lending officers, project managers and staff


No predatory lending


Environmental, social and economic


Clear record of accountability


We Prove Our Work! Every Hope Project and Hope Loan is tracked and reported back to our generous donors.

Free a family from poverty today!


We seek to carefully partner with the best and most impactful micro-lending organizations across the globe. Our approach to poverty alleviation comes through careful planning, execution and maintenance to ensure the greatest sustainable impact to communities.



We begin by exploring regions in which we can have the greatest impact. Our selection process is based on both economic need and a community’s willingness to participate. A pre- established framework for micro-lending is key to ensuring our impact on the ground.

Selecting a Partner

After we choose a region, we carefully explore existing MFIs, or micro-finance institutions, in the area. They must align with our standards for sustainable impact and have a proven track record of successful lending and financial responsibility.

Discovering the Greatest Need

Because of our holistic approach, we begin by supporting a region’s micro-finance institutions. As our relationship grows, we connect with our partners to explore other areas of impact so we can execute specific projects based on specific needs.


Determining Hope Project Costs

The costs of executing economic, education and health projects vary depending on culture, need and resources available. We take a look at these factors and more to determine accurate cost estimations for each project. This creates accurate projections and ensures full project completion.

Setting Goals and Timelines

After a partner relationship has been established, we establish a unique step-by-step process to ensure funds travel from donors into the hands of qualified hopeLOANS recipients. Hope Projects must have clearly established timelines with planned steps and standards for measuring success.



Success requires continuous care and maintenance. We follow our economic and humanitarian projects from inception to completion, ensuring goals are being met both on time and within budget.

Community Impact

True community impact requires carefully examining the execution of each project and its ability to be sustainable. If a project or loan recipient struggles, we have not done our job well. Our processes include thorough and consistent examination.


We choose our partners carefully to ensure the greatest sustainable impact. Each selection is based on our standards of care for the community and the individual.

We are always looking to partner with new community-centered micro-finance institutions.


Our Areas of Impact

We take poverty alleviation seriously, so we know that true sustainable aid requires multiple areas of impact. We evaluate the deepest needs in each community and tailor our projects to meet them.


We fund projects allowing for the poorest of poor to access transformative opportunities.
  • Lending branch construction
  • Group and individual loans
  • Community development projects


Our projects include bringing education to children and young adults with no access to formal education.
  • School & University construction and operation
  • Teacher sponsorship
  • Student sponsorship
  • Supplies


We seek to meet both basic and complex medical needs within our communities of impact.
  • Medical center construction
  • Medical equipment & supplies
  • Medical personnel


The doors of opportunity open simply with access to clean water.
  • Well drilling
  • Filtration systems
  • Latrines and plumbing construction


Sustainable and effective agriculture is directly tied to the health and wealth of communities.
  • Needs-based agricultural innovations
  • Soil sampling and research
  • Sustainable farming solutions

100% Model

Our bold promise is that 100% of each public donation goes directly toward hopeLOANS’s projects. We accomplish this by funding our operational costs in other unique ways.

This means your dollar’s impact is multiplied even further.

Founded by Drs. Abraham and Amie Sarker in 2015, Hope Loans’ goal is the elimination of extreme poverty through micro-loans and other community development projects such as education and health services to the most underserved among families in rural areas making less than $2 per day. Today, Hope Loans partners to implement 12 microfinance branches, 28 primary schools, and a rural hospital. More recently developed projects include building latrines, wells, schools, and the innovative Sustainable Aquaculture System.

As Co-founder and CEO of Hope Loans, Dr. Abraham Sarker is passionate about developing and implementing self-sustaining solutions to fulfill Hope Loan’s mission of hope for the marginalized and oppressed. He often says, “I don’t want to be a part of something that will die with me.” As an entrepreneur and adjunct professor of business, Dr. Abraham brings distinctive expertise and experience in organizational and cross-cultural leadership. He is dedicated to transforming lives and communities for the better.

Dr. Abraham was born and raised in South Asia where he experienced abject poverty, but after completing advanced degrees in the U.S., Dr. Abraham was moved to make a difference in the developing world by bringing sustainable solutions to poverty. He earned his BBA and MBA degrees from Dallas Baptist University, and a Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree from Regent University in Virginia. He and his wife, Dr. Amie, have been bringing holistic and self-sustaining solutions to end poverty through establishing and partnering with a local NGO (non-governmental organization) in Bangladesh since 2007.  He is actively involved in monitoring and developing our global NGO partners.

As Co-Founder and President of Hope Loans, Dr. Amie Sarker brings twenty years of experience in cross-cultural work and program leadership. She has effectively served diverse clients in the U.S., East Asia, the Middle East, and South Asia. Dr. Amie provides administrative leadership, also making regular trips to the developing nation communities we serve. Through her initial trips to South Asia, she and her husband, Dr. Abraham Sarker, were moved to start international development work in 2007 in response to the extreme poverty they witnessed there.

Dr. Amie received a B.A. in Education from Dallas Baptist University, her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Texas at Arlington, and her Ph.D. in Literacy Studies from the University of North Texas. Through her experience in higher education, she developed two master’s degree programs and has taught undergraduate and master’s courses at U.S. universities. A specialist in international literacy and English as a second / foreign language education, Amie joins her passion for empowering girls and women in poverty through educational and economic opportunities with leadership and research initiatives as Hope Loans engages in educational and community transformation projects.

Interns & Volunteers

Does changing the world one family at a time excite you? Interested in joining our cause as an intern or volunteer? We need them both!


So far, our partners have issued more than 60,000 Hope Loans and helped more than 150,000 individuals leave poverty with dignity. 36,000 have received medical aid, and 4,300 children received primary education.

And the numbers are growing!

If this sounds like a revolution you want to be a part of, send us your resume. We always consider new applicants.

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We value complete transparency to our supporters. As always, our records are available to the public.