Discover some of HopeLoans incredible people and their stories.

Sanjana’s Story

Sanjana has always been gifted with her hands. She could make anything with a needle and thread. Sanjana regularly made and repaired her families clothes; this was necessary because they could not afford otherwise.

Fariha’s Story

Fariha always wanted her daughters to go to school. Being from one of the poorest villages in the region, she never got an education. Fariha was always trying to provide for her family…

Abida’s Story

Through a Hope Loan, Abida’s entire world has changed. Like many in her South Asian village community, Abida’s family was so poor that she often went to bed hungry.

Arif’s Story

Arif’s family was almost lost to poverty. Growing up, his family barely had enough food to survive. His dad was unable to earn enough to keep their family together. As a young man…