A Chicken Farmer Raises Young Girls Out of Poverty



A Chicken Farmer Raises Young Girls Out of Poverty

Fariha always wanted her daughters to go to school. Being from one of the poorest villages in the region, she never got an education. Fariha was always trying to provide for her family, but the menial jobs she had never earned enough. He biggest fear was that her children would have to leave school for work or risk starvation. Fariha knew she needed a sustainable income if her children were ever going to escape poverty and make a better life.

Through a Hope Loan, Fariha was able to start a small business raising chickens. She started small, raising enough to provide food for her family at first, but as her flock grew she began to sell eggs and chickens at the local market. Finally, she was earning enough sustainable income to send her children to school –  a dream come true!

As her business grew, she began to teach other young girls in her village how to raise chickens. Through Fariha’s business, tens of girls have successfully started their own chicken farms, allowing them to raise chickens as a side job while going on to secondary school!

Because of one Hope Loan, Fariha’s dreams of sending her children to school were fulfilled. Through her business, Fariha has impacted her entire region. Giving girls the opportunity to earn money for their families so they can receive an education. Because of their income and education, these young girls will be free from the traps of human trafficking and the cycle of poverty that has claimed so many lives. With one Hope Loan, Fariha was empowered to give her children the opportunities she never had while opening doors for countless lives to rise from poverty with dignity.

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