A Sewing Machine Saved My Family



A Sewing Machine Saved My Family

Sanjana has always been gifted with her hands. She could make anything with a needle and thread. Sanjana regularly made and repaired her families clothes; this was necessary because they could not afford otherwise. But she never knew that her skills would empower her to rescue her family from abject poverty.

Without skills and an education, Sanjana’s husband was forced to work menial jobs in their village. No matter how hard he worked, his family would often go hungry. Sanjana often used her sewing skill to repair clothes for her neighbors, but without a sewing machine, she could never produce enough products by hand to earn enough.

Then Sanjana received a Hope Loan to start a small business. With her new loan, Sanjana was able to purchase what she had dreamed of – her very own sewing machine! Immediately jumping into her work, Sanjana began to make and repair clothes for everyone who came to her. She no longer had to turn customers away, and her business exploded.

Sanjana soon repaid her loan and opened her own shop, where she made and repaired clothing for her entire village. She always had the skills to be successful, but her hope was never fulfilled until she received a loan for her own sewing machine. Now with a booming small business, she has greatly increased her family’s income. There are no more hopeless nights where her children cry from hunger pains. Thanks to her Hope Loan, Sanjana’s skills were empowered to save her family.

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