An Unlikely Entrepreneur



An Unlikely Entrepreneur

Arif’s family was almost lost to poverty. Growing up, his family barely had enough food to survive. His dad was unable to earn enough to keep their family together. As a young man, he never heard of an entrepreneur, and the idea of running his own business was unimaginable. He began work at a young age, helping local merchants in their stalls at the local market. Even with this income, his family was not going to survive, and he had no hope of making a life of his own.

Then, through Hope Loans, Arif was able to receive a small business loan to open up his own market stand in town. He started small, but his business grew. Today, Arif’s business is thriving. He has paid back his loan and has expanded. Arif is now able to provide for his family and begin a life of his own. With his successful business, he now has a plan for a family of his own.

Thanks to a Hope Loan, Arif’s hopes of being able to provide for his family and his future are now a reality. Owning a small business through a Hope Loan empowered his future and changed his life forever.

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