Hope Loans Prevent Human Trafficking



Hope Loans Prevent Human Trafficking

Through a Hope Loan, Abida’s entire world has changed. Like many in her South Asian village community, Abida’s family was so poor that she often went to bed hungry. The menial day jobs available near in her village never brought in enough income to meet their family’s basic needs.

Destitute, Abida’s family tried everything to survive. Her older sister, Aisha, left home to find work in a Middle Eastern country. The promise of a better life turned out to be a lie, and she was heartbroken when they found out a human trafficking operation had taken her. The family, horrified and distraught, believed they would never see her again.

Then Abida’s family received a Hope Loan. Her father enrolled in the two-month small business training program and received a micro-loan to buy a boat. He started a ferry service across a neighboring channel which brought in more than enough income to provide for their family. His new business helped his community thrive by opening up new markets and work opportunities for the other villagers. Abida’s family then opened a small grocery store with the profits from their ferry service and soon received a second micro-loan to expand.

Their family is now financially stable. Abida’s is attending our free local village school and are no longer vulnerable to human trafficking. Her sister also escaped the human trafficking ring and has finally returned home. Because of a Hope Loan, Abida never goes to bed hungry. She will be able to finish school and not have to work at her young age. Financially stable and secure, Abida and her family are no longer at risk of human trafficking.

Prevent Human trafficking today. Give a Hope Loan!